I am Demi, BBP Photographer <3

Ohio Portrait Photographer

Demi, here! Your photographer, personal assistant, friend, planner – or whomever you need me to be. When serving clients, I go all in! Starting with being by your side every step of the way. From booking, choosing outfits, scouting locations, creating your vision, posing, image selection, ordering prints, and so much more.

The one where I become a mom.

In 2017, I walked out the doors of my day job in St. Petersburg, Fl for the last time while experiencing pregnancy pains. Little did we know, in just two days my husband and myself would welcome our sweet boy into the world. I had every intention of going back to work in 6-8 weeks. My husband and myself had always worked and I honestly did not even consider being a stay at home mom.

Six weeks postpartum turned into 6 months postpartum. In that time, I knew me, home, raising our son was right for us. Not out marketing for another company, missing bedtime 5-6 nights a week, and sending this innocent baby off to a babysitter. Not that there is anything wrong with this – just not right for our family.. Long story short, I never returned LOL! You probably saw that coming 🙂

The one where I jump back into my photography passion.

My passion for photography started as a teenager but without a subject, it was hard to persue. Being home with Wesley everyday was the perfect opportunity to get back into my hobby – documenting his EVERY move, milestone, breath to say the least. I LOVED every second of capturing our memories watching this helpless baby turn into a curious toddler. This is where starting a business came into play…. we did lose an income from me quitting work plus photography was my dream job.

Demi Fowler, Blissfully Blurred Photographer owner

I began learning the professional tools. Lightroom and Photoshop, researching professional cameras and lens, CODB (cost of doing business), and honestly just soaked in any knowledge necessary. I began building a clientele before deciding to move back home to good ol’ Tuscarawas County, Ohio! It is here, my hometown, that my business had grown and flourished. I am still working constantly to learn, grow, and serve with my whole heart. Intentions are the backbone of every decision being made. Most importantly I am home with my son AND providing a second income for our family.

The one where you don’t give up

You do not have to give up your dream or set your hobby aside just because you become a parent. Parenthood should not take over who we are and push our happiness to the side. Listen up, there is a happy medium – you just have to do the work and find it <3

demi Fowler's Family

Family Photos by Jackie Beachy Photography

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