Wedding Dress Repurposed in a Memorable Way | New Philadelphia, Ohio

Daughter wearing mother's repurposed wedding dress

Is your wedding dress taking up space in your closet?

Are you looking for a way to give your gown a new purpose? Let your daughter dress up in full wedding attire and document this stage of her life with a photo session. what better way to give your dress purpose and meaning?

Avalynn was over the moon to wear her mother’s wedding dress for her portrait session. She can running into my New Philadelphia portrait studio full of energy and excitement. Once she was in her mother’s gown, she began saying ” I fell like a princess!” Isn’t that every little girls dream!?

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Daughter wearing mother's repurposed wedding dress
Daughter wearing mother's repurposed wedding dress

Here you can see a few props and details we incorporated.

In the first image, she is holding a photo of her parent’s from their wedding day. Next, you will see a photo from her grandparent’s wedding day – making this generational is a genius idea! These add details bring the images full circle.

Daughter wearing mother's repurposed wedding dress

Preparing for a photo session with your daughter.

  • Book your session by contacting me on my website.
  • Talk to your daughter about your wedding day, show her your dress and wedding photos.
  • Dig out any wedding memorabilia you have saved over the years. Great items to include are the shoes and jewelry you wore, hair accerssories, wedding photos, grandparent wedding photos.
  • Get your daughter excited by having a dress rehearsal! Practice how you will style her hair, teach her to apply lipstick, and let her try your wedding dress on. She will be so happy to share this bond with you!
  • Feel free to show her photos of me so she can know and get familiar who who will be taking this photos! You can find photos on my personal Facebook or website.
Daughter wearing mother's wedding dress
Daughter wearing moth'er repurposed wedding dress

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