Successful Photo Session Guide: 5 Helpful Tips

Are you a mom who just booked a family photo session or have one coming up soon? If yes, then this is for you! Let me help you have a successful photo session.

You have probably been stressing out about outfits and your kid’s behavior. With these five tips, you are more likely to have a successful family photo session. Let’s get started!

Better yet, you can download this image to your phone for a quick reference!

Family photos at Southside Community Park in New Philadelphia, Ohio
Family photos at Southside Community Park in New Philadelphia, Ohio

Photo Success Tip 1: Outfit Selection

Use your exclusive BBP client style guide to help with outfit choices. Start by selecting a few colors to help guide you. Feel free to send photos to me. Outfits can make or break a session. It is important to start this process attest one month prior to your family session. This will allow you to brainstorm and purchase items.

Photo Success Tip 2: Nap/Relax Time

Be sure to plan time for children to nap and allow time for you + your significant other to relax before the session. This way everyone is rejuvenated and happy! Sleepy children are like ticking time bombs and there is only a small amount of time until the explode – can you blame them! If you want happy campers for you family photos, be sure to get a nap in before the session.

Photo Success Tip 3: Food & Snacks

It is best for everyone to fave a full stomach so no one gets hangry. Also, bringing snacks is a sure way to keep smiles on the kids faces. It is super important to bring snacks that do not stain your mouth. Good snacks include fruit chews, gold fish, apples, or granola bars.

Photo Success Tip 4: Avoid Comfort Items

Although items like pacifiers, stuffed animals, or favorite toys, makes children happy, it is best to leave them home. The car ride gives the kids time to forget they do not have their comfort item with them. Children tend to hold these items tight and do not want to put them down when it comes time to take photos. Out of sight, out of mind! Try talking to them about what will happen and what they should do in advance… practice saying “cheese”!!!

Photo Success Tip 5: Have Fun!!!

These photos are a memories of happy times or certain milestone. Do not stress about posing, facial expressions, etc – that is my job. Just have fun! Sometimes action shots are the best photos!

Family photo session at Southside Community Park In New Philadelphia, Ohio.

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